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Webinar: Boosting Your Immune Health Formulations with Natural Astaxanthin

09/09/2020  | Online

The current public health crisis is driving increased global demand for immune health supplements. How can companies meet this demand and directly address consumer needs using high quality, clinically-validated ingredients that will stand out and deliver on immune support claims?

This webinar examines current ingredient trends for immune support, with an emphasis on antioxidants, which are found in one third of all immune supplements on the market. Participants will hear from chief quality and scientific affairs officer of the International Vitamin Corporation on immune product trends, and how leveraging the right ingredient supply partner can improve success. A professional athlete and world champion trail runner will also give his insight into natural astaxanthin as a powerful antioxidant that helps control exercise-induced inflammation and promote healthy immune function.

The webinar will highlight an emerging antioxidant, with 6000x the free radical quenching capacity of vitamin C, called natural astaxanthin. AstaReal’s scientific affairs manager will explain why antioxidants are so widely used in immune health products. You will learn how natural astaxanthin works to boost immune function, and how it can create added value by providing whole body benefits founded on over 60 human clinical studies.

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Organisatie: Xtalks / AstaReal