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Webinar: The Next Level of Sustainable Food Packaging: Aluminium

05/10/2020  | Online

Consumers today care as much about food packaging as the product inside. They are demanding recyclable, sustainable materials to contain their favourite foods and personal care articles and are even willing to pay a premium for these products.

As food and consumer goods manufacturers are looking to reduce their reliance on plastics and lower their carbon footprint, the world of eco-friendly packaging materials can be overwhelming and confusing. First and foremost, alternative packaging materials must accomplish the necessary tasks of preserving food freshness, extending shelf life and being compatible with manufacturing processes.

Enter aluminium, a material that has been safely used for food packaging applications for over a century. Find out more about this versatile, but stable material and understand what are the properties that make it an ideal and sustainable packaging solution.

Join this live webinar to understand how to take advantage of aluminium for a multitude of food and consumer products packaging options, while maintaining the integrity of your products and ensuring more eco-friendly packaging that meets modern consumer’s demand for sustainability.

Join the experts at Constantia Flexibles as they walk you through a variety of topics such as:

  • The superior recyclability of aluminium packaging
  • The functional properties of aluminium, including suitability for direct food contact, resistance to high temperatures, and excellent barrier function at the thinnest gauges
  • How to use creative shapes and a fully printable exterior to differentiate your brand

Register for this free webinar and discover innovative packaging options that add more value to your brand.

Organisatie: Xtalks / Constantia Flexibles