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Webinar: Is Your Food and Beverage Supply Chain Pandemic Prepared?

09/10/2020  | Online

The food and beverage supply chain was ill-prepared for a global pandemic and the associated disruption it created in nearly every aspect of business operations worldwide. As a proactive measure to help companies from across the supply chain as they prepare for the future, AIB International created the Pandemic Prepared Certification. Developed in collaboration with the world’s most recognized brands, this is the first certification standard created for the food and beverage supply chain that elevates critical planning for people, facilities and production inputs.

This Certification provides assurance for the food and beverage supply chain and consumers by demonstrating a commitment to establishing and maintaining best practices with the only best-in-class protocol benchmark.

This standard can help manufacturers:

  • Maintain business continuity
  • Deliver significant social impacts
  • Build bottom-line resiliency
  • Unlock insurance benefits
  • Bring the highest standards of integrity
  • Demonstrate a commitment to decreasing risk

This prescriptive and practical certification provides the food and beverage supply chain with five distinct areas they will need to demonstrate proficiency in to become certified to this standard. These include measures to support pandemic crisis management, supply chain management and health, and crisis mitigation measures and management, among others.

Organisatie: Xtalks / AIB International