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Webinar: Recreating the Taste of Real Meat – A Multi-Faceted Approach

10/11/2020  | Online

Plant-based meat (PBM) products have garnered popular attention and increased market share of the savory protein market, yet they still only represent ~1% of processed meat volumes. While health-oriented concerns are still the #1 purchasing factor, there is growing concern for the environment, sustainability and animal welfare as is relates to animal protein, especially among young consumers. Innovation in emulating meat taste has been and will continue to be a key factor in driving consumer acceptance of PBM among flexitarian consumers. Givaudan has deconstructed the essential steps in formulating remarkable PBM applications and will present those stepwise to illuminate a layered approach.

In the first steps, selecting a protein ingredient, natural coloring system and off-flavor masking builds a foundation for the nutrition, appearance, texture and neutralized taste related to the specific target application. Next, selecting a flavor system that includes reaction flavors for general savory taste and umami for building complexity & longevity establishes the flavor backbone. Then, layering a cooking cue, like seared for beef or crusty fatty for pork, delivers culinary authenticity that is generally challenging to develop through industrial processing. Finally, an aromatic flavor delivers the species identification for beef, chicken or pork so that consumers can identify the taste authenticity. This overall approach will be discussed in the context of first-generation applications like burgers and next-generation applications like deli meat & pepperoni. MISTA exists to help companies, large and small, transform the global food system to meet the needs of the future. Helping companies bring new plant-forward solutions to the market that enables a shift in our global food system to rely less on the unsustainable, meat-forward diet, is a key part of our mission. From platform technologies to ingredients to CPG, we focus on the entire value chain to understand how the hyper-connected, interdependent food system can work together to drive a transformational shift in our food system.

Organisatie: Xtalks / Givaudan Taste & Wellbeing