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Mono-PE Flexible Packaging: Protect Consumer Products While Supporting a Circular Economy

03/03/2021  | Online

Sustainable food and personal care packaging remains a key topic that is discussed amongst politicians, packaging manufacturers, consumer goods producers and the general public alike. The uniting goal of all these various stakeholders seems to be the same: reduce, reuse and recycle the packaging we all consume and produce. Constantia Flexibles, the world’s 3rd largest producer of flexible packaging, is fully committed to transforming its complete product portfolio to one that can be recycled in a circular manner by 2025.

During this webinar, featured speakers from different parts of the value chain will present the context for sustainable food and personal care packaging, the collective effort that is underway and the key role that mono-PE-based laminates will play in making it possible to replace today’s multi-polymer and multi-material laminates.

The in-house experts from Constantia Flexibles will be joined by Graham Houlder, Project Co-ordinator at the Circular Economy for Flexible Packaging (CEFLEX), who will discuss the packaging industry’s commitments to reducing plastic waste, the legislative environment that supports these goals and provide a glimpse into the initiatives CEFLEX is working on.

Moreover, the webinar will also include a discussion between Christine Leveque of one of the leading waste management companies Suez, and Constantia Flexibles’ Head of R&D, Professor Achim Grefenstein, on the value of PE to the recycler. They will provide an overview of how the application of machine-direction orientation (MDO) technology has made it possible for PE to deliver high barrier protection for food products.

This barrier is crucial to create flexible packaging that will ensure products are delivered to end consumers without compromise. Packaging can then be collected, recycled and become raw material for use again as flexible packaging for other products – not just once, but multiple times. The expert speakers will also share insights into how waste collection and waste streams are being set up to turn food and personal care packaging waste into a valuable resource.

The session will be rounded up by Gerwin Schalk, PE Project Leader at Constantia Flexibles, with some practical examples of different packaging formats and products that are already switching from multi-material specifications to barrier PE laminate.

Register for this webinar to learn about how PE is an ideal material for flexible consumer packaging and a circular economy.

Organisatie: Xtalks / Constantia Flexibles