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Responsible Consumption and Production in The Food Sector: Implementing A Circular Economy

23/02/2021  | Online

Global resources are finite. The waste we create today will potentially be polluting the planet for tens, hundreds or thousands of years to come. The circular economy model tips the culture of single-use on its head, with the focus on designing a product to be transformed and have multiple uses across the material’s lifetime. Aligning with the principles of UN SDG 12, responsible production and consumption, intelligent use of the circular economy model in new product development (NPD) can help your organization build sustainable resilience.

In addition to a refresher on the principles of the circular economy model, this webinar will address topics related to its implementation, how organizations have successfully adopted and embedded it, as well as key elements to consider including the sustainability of packaging and supply chains.

Register for this webinar to learn about how to implement a circular economy model.

Organisatie: Xtalks / BSI