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Webinar: How CPG Brands Can Succeed in a Changing Retail Industry

22/03/2021  | Online

Landing new retail shelf space is a big win for consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands, but often it is just the start of the job. Keeping a product there takes work. Manufacturers must maintain retailer relationships to ensure their product stays in-store, which can be a challenging task without a supply chain optimized for timely delivery. Retail exposure has always been critical to CPG brands, but its importance has only increased in the face of new consumption realities.

Competition for shelf space is stiff as new consumer products hit the market at record speed. To compete with e-commerce solutions, retailers have further tightened their delivery compliance programs. Stores require brands to deliver products on time and quickly look elsewhere if an organization cannot.

Compounding the situation further, new purchasing patterns driven by COVID-19 have again pressured retailers to shift their approaches to commerce. By and large, big box stores have reduced SKU counts to increase supply chain efficiency, which helps to keep up with adjusted buying habits. That means fewer products on the shelf, raising the stakes even further for food and beverage brands trying to keep their coveted space.

Register for this webinar to hear experts give practical examples that show how CPG manufacturers can build agile supply chains tailored to meet the ever-competitive modern marketplace.

Organisatie: Xtalks / Zipline Logistics