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Webinar: Achieving Sustainability and Supply Chain Excellence in 2021

25/03/2021  | Online

The sustainable food movement has become a driving factor in consumer decision-making to ensure that the earth’s resources can continue to provide food to feed the growing population today and in the future. The food and beverage industry faces unique challenges regarding sustainability, specifically: food waste, global footprint, and efficiency.

Entering into 2021, sustainability is a top focus for many food companies. In Aptean’s recent food and beverage trends report, 79% of respondents prioritized action on sustainability over the next two years. Developing and executing a long-term sustainability strategy has led many food businesses to re-evaluate processes throughout their supply chain and organization as a whole.

As we look forward to how the food industry will eventually look post pandemic, how companies effectively leverage technology to implement sustainability initiatives throughout their food chain will determine which businesses survive.

Register for this webinar to hear an industry expert from Aptean will discuss how food-specific technology can help drive successful sustainability practices and supply chain excellence for your food business.

Organisatie: Xtalks / Aptean