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Webinar: Effect of Bacteriophages in Reduction of Salmonella on Chicken Carcasses

15/04/2021  | Online

This webinar will give the results of the recent trial conducted in South Africa on 10 million chickens. The objective of this trail was to scientifically prove the efficacy of bacteriophages fo1a and s16 in the reduction of salmonella on chicken carcasses in the processing setting.

Ms. Najib Salim from RCL will give an overview of her experience in the food industry regarding microbiological risk mitigation in the food industry. Professor Frank Devlieghere of the University of Gent will guide us through an in-depth look at the future of food safety with phage science around the world.

Professor Pieter Gouws from The Centre for Food Safety at Stellenbosch University will discuss the results of a recently completed trial in South Africa and the methodology used during this trail.

Mr. Izaak Breitenbach, CEO at the South African Poultry Association will discuss how he has seen bacteriophages innovation have an impact on the poultry industry, when used as a food processing tool.

Attendees will also be presented with a broad overview of the problems and perceptions in the food industry, a bacteriophage solution, as well as practical applications of phage used during processing in a variety of food products, including meats, poultry, dairy, vegetables and as an environmental tool to help eliminate biofilms.

Finally, a summary will be presented on how you can use phages as part of your health and safety protocol for any future recalls or contamination claims.

Register for this webinar to experience scientific proof of the power of phages as an additional tool for the food safety toolbox.

Organisatie: Xtalks / PhageGuard