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Webinar: Traceability for Consumer Safety: Evolving Your Physical and Digital Supply Chain

06/05/2021  | Online

Global supply chains are more complex than ever, and the need for traceability has never been greater.

From highly regulated pharmaceuticals to often-recalled perishable products, the ability to pinpoint where items are in real time and record how they are being handled is essential. Entire industries have embraced a patchwork of barcodes and other identifiers in an effort to capture this information.

At the same time, piracy, counterfeiting and product diversion are more commonplace. Multinational consumer brands need brand protection solutions as much as instant access to traceability information.

Emerging technologies now deliver capabilities that go beyond traditional barcodes. Today, imperceptible data carriers containing the serialized identities essential for item-level traceability offer an added layer of protection against sophisticated counterfeiters.

Join this free educational session to discover how easy it is to digitally evolve your supply chain, and how your business – including your partners, customers and consumers – will benefit.

Register for this webinar to learn how to elevate consumer safety and protect your brand by embracing the digital evolution of your supply chain.

Organisatie: Xtalks / Digimarc