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Webinar: Food Safety and Supply Chain Traceability: A Holistic Approach

18/05/2021  | Online

Food safety and traceability pose unique challenges to the food and beverage industry. With food safety regulations constantly evolving and consumers wanting to ensure the quality of their food, having a holistic approach to traceability is critical.

In Aptean’s recent food and beverage trends report, traceability demand was listed in the top three things that will impact the food industry over the next five years. How do businesses move forward knowing this? A holistic food safety and traceability approach can include recall readiness, allergen management, quality assurance, lot tracking and bi-directional ingredient and product tracking. The right technology can provide the visibility, accountability and traceability management your business needs to ensure you’re delivering safe, high-quality products.

Register for this webinar to hear industry experts from both Aptean and Adroit discuss how food and beverage specific technology can help shape a holistic approach to food safety and traceability for your food and beverage business.

Organisatie: Xtalks / Aptean