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Webinar: The Forefront of Ocular Nutrition: AstaReal Astaxanthin for Front-of-the-Eye Health

19/05/2021  | Online

The visual system is one of the highest energy consuming systems in the body, with ion pumps in photoreceptors alone estimated to consume 1 billion ATP per second(1). This makes the eyes an important site of mitochondrial activity, which exposes eyes to a considerable amount of free radical by-products. Exposure to environmental triggers of free radical production, such as high energy light, low humidity, and digital device usage, are also a consideration for eye doctors and consumers concerned with maintaining healthy eyes. As lifestyles shift towards more time spent working and learning from home, the approach to ocular nutrition and supplement formulation needs to keep up with the times.

This webinar will focus on the emerging ocular carotenoid, natural astaxanthin, which helps support energy-consuming eye muscles at the front of the eye. Speakers Dr. Jeffry Gerson, O.D., F.A.A.O., and Dr. Karen Hecht, Scientific Affairs Manager at AstaReal Inc., will discuss the science and application of this front-of-the-eye nutrient in the context of existing and future formulations for visual support. The presentation will include a summary of AstaReal® Astaxanthin studies examining effects on accommodative function, eye strain in the digital world, and emerging research related to dry eye. Dr. Gerson will address new trends and challenges in ocular nutrition, and Dr. Hecht will review the variety of AstaReal® Astaxanthin delivery forms and applications on the market today, and future directions for this powerhouse antioxidant.

(1)  Linton, J.D. et al. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences May 2010, 107 (19) 8599-8604.

Organisatie: Xtalks / AstaReal