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Webinar: Addressing Food Safety Challenges in Processing of Ready-to-Eat Foods

26/05/2021  | Online

When manufacturing Ready-to-Eat food products, there is nothing of greater importance than food safety. With the demand for ready-to-eat meals on the rise, many food manufacturers are looking to expand into this growing market. However, without the right equipment, food processors can come up against several challenges, including poor yields, uneven consistency, long cooling times and food safety issues.

Join this webinar to learn about a continuous cooker-chill system that was designed with food safety, sanitation, quick changeovers and quality finished product as the priorities. This technology can be applied to the continuous processing of pasta, rice, dry beans and vegetables.

New continuous processing technology provides agitation to keep product suspended in water while gently turning over the product to eliminate damage and providing a uniform process to each food particle. This technology also eliminates clumping and sticking of starch-loaded products, such as pasta and rice.

A clean-in-place (CIP) mode is also incorporated into this machinery in which a large gear simultaneously rotates the auger, wedge wire screen basket and discharge assembly resulting in an over 95 percent self-cleaning operation.

Register for this webinar, where attendees will learn about the optimal processing solutions for:

  • Hydrating rice with improved yields over conventional rice-cooking systems
  • Cooking and cooling pasta so product can be dispensed for ready-to-eat meals without having it clump or stick together
  • Blanching vegetables for ready-to-eat standards to provide required lethality
  • Setting up a low-risk and high-care cook-chill operation
  • Fastest cooling to achieve results of 40 degrees F (1 degree C) in the least amount of time.

The presentation will demonstrate return on investment (ROI) through improved yields, reduced water usage and minimal labor resources required during production and sanitation with a lower cost of ownership compared to other solutions offered in today’s market.

In addition, the speakers will also discuss the difference between batch processing, conventional cook-quench–chill systems, belt processing systems and rotary drum systems. Register for this webinar to take advantage of the combined experience of this knowledgeable panel in the food processing industry.

Organisatie: Xtalks / Lyco Manufacturing